Weight of Chains - Tezina Lanca

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The Weight Of Chains presents a new perspective on Western involvement in the division of the ethnic groups within Yugoslavia and argues that the war was forced from outside, while regular people wanted peace. However, according to the author of the film, extreme fractions on all sides, fuelled by their foreign mentors, outvoiced the moderates and even ten years after the last conflict the hatred remains and people continue spreading myths of what really happened in the 1990s.[5]

The film starts off with a brief history of Yugoslavia, explaining the idea of Yugoslavia and how it came to exist. Narrated by Malagurski himself, the film explains what happened in Yugoslavia during World War II and how Tito's Yugoslavia was formed. The pace slows down as Tito's death is documented and the author moves on to explain what happened to the Yugoslav economy in the 1980s, with specific mention of Ronald Reagan's National Security Decisions Directive 133 from 1984, which presents U.S. interests in Yugoslavia as promoting the "trend towards a market-oriented Yugoslav economic structure". The role of the National Endowment for Democracy in Yugoslavia is then analyzed and connected to the formation of G17 Plus. Privatization through liquidation is explained in a plastic manner, and presented as a major cause for the rise of ethnic tensions in the late 80s and early 90s, further fueled by Foreign Operations Appropriations Act 101-513, enacted during the George H. W. Bush era.

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